Our approach to turnaround strategies

Stein Advisors immerse themselves in your company and gain a deep understanding of your company’s unique circumstances.  We believe that no two engagements are alike and listen to understand how we can best tailor our solutions to assist you during these difficult times.  Understanding rapid decisions must produce real results, Stein Advisors will quickly diagnose and provide options for your company that a proven track record in our vast experience.  We will execute a timely and successful process to achieve your objectives while being mindful of the changing business landscape.  Our flexibility and adaptability are an added value to our clients.

Culture is important to Stein Advisors and we enjoy working with you in a cooperative spirit to navigate special and distressed situations with confidence and results.  When you engage us, your company will benefit from an executive team with decades of real-world experience and the support of a high-touch, responsive operations expert to work alongside your team and assist with seamless execution. You get the breadth and power of a whole team which makes this a distinguishing and powerful service in today’s environment. 

An experienced executive team with the experience and skill sets to assist companies in crisis

The executive team at Stein Advisors provides a unique and rare combination of complementary talents specifically applicable to excel in distressed management environments.

Mr. Stein has more than 30 years of institutional investment experience and has developed the expertise of leading companies from distressed situations to solutions in multiple industries. He has served as an Executive Chairman, Chief Restructuring Officer, Liquidating Trustee and Director of numerous public and private companies both in and out of bankruptcy.

Mr. Stein has been engaged as an executive and director to support companies experiencing significant challenges, including complex contract renegotiation and litigation, increased regulatory oversight, financial restructuring, and emergence from bankruptcy. He has substantial transaction experience, as several of the companies for which he has served as an executive and director were sold at attractive prices generating positive returns for investors.

Ms. Templeton-Duffy has been working alongside global executives and their teams for nearly 20 years in the financial, entertainment and public relations industries. She is a skilled operations manager who has overhauled systems to improve efficiencies while establishing open lines of communication between necessary parties. Ms. Templeton-Duffy guides the flow of information between teams to create more cohesive units and keep them aligned and on-task while driving clients’ efforts forward.

Mr. Stein and Ms. Templeton-Duffy share a passion for business done right. They have been successful by combining their talents and working together to benefit their clients. With their combined expertise, your company’s needs will be met with precision and excellence. Providing clients with the highest caliber of support is of utmost importance.

A well-rounded team of experts

Jeffrey S. Stein

  • C-Suite and Board Leadership
  • Finance and Restructuring
  • Complex Negotiation and Litigation
  • Regulatory and Compliance

Melinda Templeton-Duffy

  • Account Liaison
  • Client Relations
  • Operations
  • Trust Management



“I have worked with Jeff and Brad in executive management and board roles.  Individually they are very strong; however, the combination you get from having them together is exponentially more valuable.  They work through very difficult and complicated situations with the experience and precision of true professionals at the top of their game.”

Mike Hutchinson, Former CEO
Westmoreland Coal Company