Successfully guiding all aspects of transition

Stein Advisors serves as a trusted partner knowing what to do and how to position organizations through every step of the process. Each engagement is unique; however, there are tried and true principles that govern a company in transition and mistakes will cost millions of dollars of lost revenue and opportunity. Companies cannot afford to learn as they go through change in the current environment. The professional experience and knowledge of Stein Advisors will create value and guide clients through to the best possible outcome.

Services offered

  • C-Suite and Board leadership
  • Strategic planning with creative business options and real alternatives
  • Real-time execution of strategic alternatives with a global view of milestones and objectives
  • Provide leadership and internal support to focus the organization on important tasks through restructuring and transformation
  • Prosecute a bankruptcy case efficiently and successfully to achieve the desired objectives (when necessary)
  • Execute on time and under budget on a pathway to successful reorganization

Operational excellence, financial acumen, and business experience to address all the needs of the business with one high-functioning team



Cable Television & Telecom

Consumer Products

Electric Utility


Environmental Services

Financial Services



Metals & Mining

Merchant Power

Paper & Forest Products


Real Estate

Shipping Industries